While writing a recent post I couldn’t make Jekyll serve the new article in my local host. It took me a while to realize that the article was not being served because Jekyll was interpreting the date of the article as of “tomorrow”.

I live in Sydney, Australia. If I wake up early and I write a new article, and I choose its date as of today, if Jekyll interprets the timezone as UTC then the article will not be published because of the time difference (it will take a few hours for it to be visible).

From Jekyll’s documentation I can see that “the default time zone is set by your operating system”, so I think that I might have experienced this problem because I am using Jekyll with Docker.

I solved it by adding this variable to my config file:

timezone: Australia/Sydney

This is a nice learning because now I know I can configure for an article to be published in the future. As the first test of this feature, I am writing this article on the 2nd, and I will configure it so it is published tomorrow (so I will just need to trigger the deploy on the 3rd).