As I started this website I created a site updates section to keep a record of changes. After more than a year since the first post I’ve learned that writing journals comes more naturally to me than writing tutorials, for which I will add more journals to the site - I created a specific page for them.

I intend to still produce tutorials. I think a step-by-step tutorial is much more valuable than an isolated note. I will add tutorials as I find time available.

I use this opportunity to leave here the Liquid code to get a page by name. It is possible to do it by looping through all pages, but that’s not a great option. This is the one-liner I am using, still a big chunk of code, but better than a loop:

{% assign site-updates = site.pages | where: "name", "" | first %}
  <a class="post-link" href="{{ site-updates.url }}">
    {{ site-updates.title }}