I have used for a few years a dual boot of Windows+Linux Mint as the setup for my personal computer. A few times I have found myself with Linux Mint running out of space, and today I wanted to leave some of the things that I do to solve it in writing.

Ways To Free Up Space

The “no-brainer” And More approaches

The simplest way of reducing the space is by running this command:

sudo apt-get autoremove

There are other useful approaches listed in this post.

The Comment That Made The Difference

The approaches from the previous section helped me for a while. But it wasn’t until I found this comment that I stopped having problems with disk space. I had a ton of unused drivers that I didn’t need. The command to remove them was this one:

flatpak uninstall --unused

Baobab For Finding The “Offending Folder”

The “Disk Usage Analyser” from Linux Mint is a great tool to understand which directories are the heaviest. The idea is to identify the directory and not rush to delete things but do some research on how safe is to delete each thing before proceeding (often a bash command is the correct approach to clear the space of some system folders).

When Can’t Login Because No Space

Sometimes, the computer was so full that I could not even access through the graphical user interface. In those situations, the solution was to access the system through the command line and clear the disk with some of the commands previously described.

The solution described here worked for me.